Do you have a job that the average person doesn’t even know exists?

Are you that somebody who has one of the most interesting and exciting jobs of all time?.  It all depends on what you measure it against and your passions and dreams will be what defines a great job.

Apart from statistics, validation depends on what you measure it against and your passions and dreams will be what defines a “great job”.

Many of us won’t be getting paid whilst scrolling on Instagram and other social media platforms, however, some are at the tip of their fingers with every click earning wages. Some of us will value workmanship and face to face colleague banter over electronic communication. Some will prefer an online 9-5 job at the computer with no interruption entering data. Some have ever only known the physical trade, dance or sportsmanship which actively defines their talent.

With the world rapidly changing with innovation, the evolution of business, new inventions, advanced technology, business solutions and development taking place, job descriptions will be revolutionised in the years ahead.  This will mean job seekers will need to re-position themselves in the way that they market their skills applying them to these new openings. Much of the skill understanding relates to terminology. For example, ofter job seekers won’t apply for a position because the title of the job does not relate to their job search although it highly consists of the similar role duties.

Here are some jobs you may not know exist but absolutely do:

10) Professional sleeper:

A hotel in Finland hired a member of staff as a ‘professional sleeper’ to test the comfort of their beds. The individual sleeps in a different one of the hotel beds each night and writes a review about her satisfaction with each one.

9) Drying paint watcher:

No, this isn’t a joke. Someone actually earns a living watching paint dry. A man in the UK currently has the job and he spends his days painting sheets of cardboard to test how long new paint mixes take to dry and watching for changes in colour and texture.

8) Full-time Netflix viewer:

Imagine being paid to watch TV all day! Well for one lucky employee this dream has become reality. Netflix have hired someone to watch all of their content before it is available to the public and their role is to review and assign each program its correct tag, which help us viewers find exactly what we’re after, whether it’s a romantic crime movie based on classic literature or witty talking-animal TV show.

7) Train Pusher:

If you think the London Underground is bad, you should see the trains in Japan. ‘Oshiyas’ are hired to help cram as many people onto a train as possible by pushing them from the outside until the doors will close.

6) Professional Mourner:

It is a tradition in South East Asia that a loud funeral will assist the dead as they travel to the afterlife, so professional mourners are hired to cry and weep loudly throughout the service.

5) Snake Milker:

Not for the light hearted. The job of a snake milker is to collect the venom of poisonous snakes in jars for use in anti-venoms and other medication. Thank god someone’s brave enough!

4) Dog food taster:

The dog food tester’s job is to taste new dog food products, including bones, tinned meat and biscuits. They do this to test for flavour and texture in comparison to rival dog food brands and human food. Hmm…tastey?

3) Odour Judge:

In order to test the effectiveness of new products, ‘odour judges’ are hired to smell volunteers’ breath, feet and armpits.The make sure their judgement is accurate, the members of staff have their sense of smell tested monthly. Let’s hope those products are doing the trick, for the judges’ sake!

2) Marmite Taster:

They say you love it or hate it and in the case of St John Skelton he really takes his appreciation for it to another level. As part of a team of marmite tasters, he is responsible for checking each batch of Marmite is the correct texture, consistency and flavour. In the 30 years he has been working there, he has eaten around 3,000 jars of the stuff!

1) Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man:

If the fact that there’s an underwater hotel in Florida isn’t bizarre enough, to add on to that, they have a scuba diving pizza delivery man who supplies them with pizza by carrying them through the sea in a watertight case.What service!


Do you do an unusual job? We’d love to hear about it, so let us know!


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