What defines a great job?

Good jobs are those where you look back and say, that was a great job. It’s often not until you leave that you realise that the position you had was where you thrived. Put it down to the colleagues, salary, work environment, location, responsibilities, or the fact that you could wear office attire, or jeans to work!. The truth is nothing and no one is perfect, but the feeling when you get up in the morning with a sense of opportunity exists.  Like diamonds in the rough or great relationships, great jobs are out there too…You just need to put yourself out there and search until you find it and never settle for less than what you know you are capable of.

Nonetheless, it’s easier for some than others to experiment with switching jobs and the gaps are just too much of a risk. But complacency and circumstances can trap you if you allow the years to pass you by without addressing your miserable morning dread of going to into work and need for change. Simply explore, don’t be in a hurry to quit, but begin to make plans in wisdom. See whats out there, and if you come to the conclusion that the job you currently have it the best yet by far, then you may return with a sense of perspective and an attitude that you need to change the way you respond to the problems in order to stay sane. Approach your managers, if they are unwilling to hear you out, then it’s time to seek some serious game changers and get your resume out there!


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