Have your goals flatlined?

Business Defibrillation – The entrepreneur’s guide to a flatline

Have your goals flatlined? There are many flat liners. Sometimes the symptoms aren’t externally evident. Often, it is the entrepreneur’s drive and vision that is the heartbeat of a business, when that dissuades, so does the business. A few common ones include complacency, difficult circumstances, an unbalanced lifestyle and familiarity.

The result is ‘apathy’. Apathy isn’t a state of mind; it’s a state of heart. This can also be called losing heart. Losing heart often derives from disappointment, loss of vision, deferred expectations and personal and financial pressures. Untreated, the business can outwardly deteriorate. Nevertheless, if we internally deal with the symptoms, there is a prospect to get the pulse going again.

Defibrillating passion

A defibrillator in medical terms is an electronic device that applies an electric shock to restore the rhythm of a fibrillating heart. Likewise, conditions can affect the rhythm of a business and there is need to revive a dead vision and re-establish normal conduction of the business impulse.

What makes the heart beat?

Nothing major in history was ever accomplished without igniting passion. It is the force and deciding the difference between successful and unsuccessful people in every field of endeavor. The internal operations on the inside affect everything on the outside. Examine and identify the foundation of its lifecycle, understand what makes it tick and how to keep it alive and kicking.

How do we stay inspired and healthy?

Stir up your knowledge of your business field, get around like-minded people, listen to podcasts, read, research, follow. Stimulate your mind and expertise yourself. Get learning, field education, and professional advice in all areas experiencing discomfort.

Never stop learning. Richard Branson recently revealed his A to Z of Business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d2XnqIVA5s&list=PLn0TvDtUZQrG9JnhXr00YcTbcw1IHQtKk

Deliver the electric shock

Your energy is an investment that impacts motivation. It is the spark of the electricity that forms action. Your electric shock should trigger passion, not lack enthusiasm, keep fervor, dedication and cause you to commit to what you put your hand to when you took up the business plow. Remind yourself of your potential, capacity, and ability to do what it takes. Acquire whatever you lack in skill and gain knowledge and understanding. Seek good counsel because you know you are destined to thrive. So don’t dive, or bury your head in the sand, stand, and draw the courage it takes to overcome all obstacles.

How can you get your business to its normal operating conduction practically?

1. Undertake a business health check and implement immediate change

There are a number of resources on the web.
National Australia Bank offers recommended actions on the basis of what information you provide.


2. Treat business threatening conditions

Helpful guides and techniques and tactics for reversing failing projects are helpful tools to identify, avoid potential risks and how to deal with them as well as Project Risk Management, Project Crisis Management, and Recovery Project Management.

3. Stay on top of the game

The world of business is rapidly changing. You must keep up to date with trends. Take the time to renewing policies day by day, repair any digital or internal malfunctions, respond to customer disorders promptly, correct errors, research, implement new strategies and continue to infiltrate the marketplace.

“The momentary troubles will achieve for us such success that far outweighs the current challenges.”

If your situation has not quite come to an end, I’m pleased to say you can get back on track now, as you have the capability turn it around.

Rediscover your purpose driven goals and defibrillate the heart of your business. Be the pacemaker.

– The Multipotentialite

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